Summer Fun + Flavors at dots

Happy summer friends! Summer is officially here and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate. Time for longer days, no school, ice cream, beach picnics and catching fire flies at night. What do the dots girls love most about summer? Summer flavors of course. We rotate 2 per day until the end of July. Pop by your favorite location and try your favorite flavor.

Dots 2016 Summer Flavors

  • Strawberry Coconut
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Chocolate Honeycomb
  • Rainbow Sherbet
  • Hummingbird
  • Matcha Green Tea

Dots Cupcakes Pasadena Summer Flavors

In celebration of summer, we rounded up some of our favorite summer fun things to do!

Ice cream in a bag

1. Try this ice cream in a bag! psssst…Have it with a delicious dots cupcake too.

Balloon Art

2. This balloon art looks so fun. We would love to hang this in our shop.

Sugar + Cloth pool float round up

3. You have to have a cool float for those days at the pool. We are obsessed with this round up from Sugar + Cloth.

Lemonade Recipes

4. Summer equals lemonade and we our lemonade cupcake will taste so delish with one of these cool recipes from Pottery Barn teen. Try these and let us know your favorite combination. Who wouldn’t want lavender lemonade? Yes, please!

Summer Bucket list

5. As if we haven’t given you enough ideas, here is the ultimate summer bucket list with tons of fun stuff to do this summer. Be sure to stop by and let us know: What do you love most about summer?


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